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At the beginning there had been works established in Elblag (in German - Elbing) in 2nd half of XIX century by Ferdynand Gotlob Schichau as "Schichau Werke".
After the 2nd World War, the enterprise was nationalized and formed as Polish state owned Zamech Mechanical Works named after Karol Swierczewski. Later, in 1990-ties, the enterprise was divided into service and real estate owning part, named Elzam and a production part, still holding name "Zamech" which was sold to Swiss ASEA Brown Boweri (ABB).

ABB Zamech existed for some years as bunch of formally separate companies and then some parts have been sold to French ALSTOM, some to Swiss MAAG Gears, and remaining part in 2008(?) to Norwegian Scana.

In 2015 Scana exited from Zamech after bancrupcy of the Polish section and new chapter of the story started: former Zamech employees have established new company Zamech Marine and have best hope to survive in future.

Jastra is not this new company.

Main marine industry products:

Production of anchors, anchor chains and accessories is totally stopped many years ago.

Perhaps all these changes in ownership and reorganizations are confusing, especially, if spares for ship are badly needed for repair.

We offer delivery of quality spare parts for Zamech products.
If needed voyage service team can be arranged.

Additionally, we offer delivery of original spares for propellers and thrusters made by Liaaen A/S in Norway.

Why to use our service?

We offer reasonable pricing with packing included, fast delivery and short distance to international airport and worldwide speditors.

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